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Insurance and fee information

Dr. Matos accepts Medicare coverage for her services. Medicare sets the rates for all services and pays 80% of the total cost. The remaining 20% is owed by the patient and is often covered by "secondary" commercial insurors (like AARP, Empire BC/BS, Aetna). There is an annual Medicare deductible (usually about $150) that all patients owe to the first provider they see in the beginning of the year.

  • For those patients who prefer to pay out of pocket, the basic fees for house call services are based on current Medicare reimbursement rates; the average cost of a 45 minute visit is approximately $125. The final amount charged will depend on the severity of the problem, and amount of time spent on the house call. Additional charges for supplies, medications and procedural services (suturing of a laceration, for example) may also be incurred. 


  • Secondary insurance companies will be contacted for co-pay reimbursement. Those without secondary coverage will be asked for a co-payment fee at the time of the visit, usually around $20.


  • Patients who have a primary insurance that is not  Medicare should contact their company regarding  payment to non-participating providers. Dr. Matos does not  participate in any other insurance plans.


  •  Please contact Dr.Matos directly with any further questions regarding insurance coverage.                     


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