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Questions and Answers

Q. I already have a doctor. Will Dr. Matos communicate with him if she makes a house call?

A. Yes, Dr. Matos will contact your physician to obtain as much medical history about you as possible before  or after her visit. If you are permanently home-bound and unable to get back to your primary care provider, then DR. Matos will become your primary care doctor. In general, it is not feasible to have 2 primary care providers at the same time

Q. What happens if I have to be admitted to the hospital?

A. If you need hospital admission, Dr. Matos will communicate with the Emergency Department the necessary details of your problem and any pertinent medical history. Although Dr.Matos is on the staff of Huntington Hospital, she prefers that her admitted patients be followed by the Hospitalist team,  a group of physicians who specialize in care of hospitalized patients. Dr. Matos can communicate with the hospitalists during your stay and follow your progress via the Huntington Hospital Physician's Computer Portal. Once you are discharged, Dr. Matos will resume her home visits to you as needed.

Q. Does Dr. Matos have an office that I can visit?

A. No. "Doctor in the House" is a house call practice only. Maintaining an office practice would make it difficult to go on a house call, and would add greatly to the expense of running the practice!

Q. Will the doctor make a house call to see a sick child?

A. With rare exception, the answer is no. Dr. Matos is trained as an Internist, a practitioner of adult medical disorders. Children older than 8 will be considered on a case by case basis or in conjunction with a pediatrician.

Q. How does one make an appointment to see Dr. Matos?

A. Simply call 631-754-0765 to speak with Dr. Matos directly. Once you are an established patient, Dr. Matos will see you on a regular basis (every4-6 weeks, for example) or on an as-needed basis. Dr. Matos tries to keep her daily schedule light so that she can accomodate urgencies.

Q. Does Dr. Matos see Hospice patients?

A. Yes. Dr. Matos is very familiar with home hospice, in-patient hospice and palliative care, and is honored to be included in the treatment team.

Q. How long has Dr. Matos been doing House Calls and how large is her practice? Is there coverage when she is out of town?

A. Doctor in the House was started in November 2005 and presently has about 60 patients. Because Dr. Matos is a solo practitioner, she plans on keeping her practice at around this size so that she can provide optimal care for her patients. If Dr. Matos is out of town for an extended period of time, she is covered by another Internist who does house calls. This internist is provided with a detailed summary of each patient, including problem lists, medications, allergies, pharmacy, emergency contacts and on-going issues.

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